Monday, February 11, 2013

Holy Alarmism, Christian Post!

Check out the hyperbole on this headline!

The Constitution Repealed in Ten States

The whole Consitution got repealed!  Er, wait, none of it did at all; this is a story about Fourth Amendment concerns with laws in some states.

Who's responsible for this outrage?  President Obama!  Er, wait, the article admits that these are Bush Administration policies but blames Obama for them anyway.

One glance at the story shows the headline to be a load of crap.

But here's the thing: the concerns raised in the story are legitimate.  So rather than undermining their credibility with falsehood and sensationalism, why wouldn't Christian Post just report the facts?

Oh yeah, because Christian Post is not a legitimate news source.  It's propaganda; its intention is to provoke outrage, not disseminate information.

Seriously, CP readers, why do you go to a site that treats you like children?  Just goes to prove you can sell anything to Christian extremists, just as long as you make it sound like you're doing it for God!

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