Sunday, February 10, 2013

Misanalyzing Atheism

If anyone's up for a rousing game of count-the-logical-fallacies, I encourage you to check out the ironically-titled Atheism Analyzed blog.  Keep an eye out for these:

Appeal to authority:  The blogger claims to have once been an atheist, as though that confers validity to the rampant misrepresentations of atheism on the blog.

Shifting the burden of proof:  Atheism is consistently misrepresented as a truth claim rather than the conclusion that it is.

Strawman:  Lots of things are ascribed to atheism that are not part of its definition.

Non sequitur:  Unable to respond to requests to back up the false claims that he makes, the blogger is fond of raising irrelevant points.

Tu Quoque:  This is the "oh yeah, and so do you" fallacy, similar to shifting the burden of proof.


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