Monday, March 18, 2013

An Amusing Set of Questions

Stumbled upon this particularly goofy set of questions for atheists.  Why not?  I'll bite...

"Do you take pleasure in telling lies or are you just so gullible that you believe any anti-religious lie you hear?"

"Are you only capable of mimicking and copying arguments you heard from Dawkins and other atheists?"

"What’s the reason that you continue to use racist atheists as viable sources, celebrate racist atheist biologists and racist/atheist countries?"
Unsupported premise.  The sources are not specified.

"Do you have any independent mind of your own or ability to question what other atheists say or think?"
Yes on both.

"Why do you consider any criticism of atheists, atheistic arguments, or atheistic beliefs as “trolling” but not consider condemning, ridiculing, or making fun of religion as “trolling”?"
False premise.  I don't.

"Why have you intentionally remained silent in opposition to racism but not silent in opposition to Intelligent Design, Creationism, and many other things?"
False premise.  I don't.

"Why do you value high IQ as being worth more than contributions?"
I have no idea what this question is asking.

"Why do you discourage belief without evidence, intuition, and originality?"
I'm not sure why someone would want to believe something without evidence, and I'm not sure how the questioner is using the other two terms.

"Why are you an anti-science fanatic who strongly opposes free and open criticism, scrutiny, and questioning?"
False premise.  I'm strongly pro-science.

"Who do you hate more, Jews or Muslims?"
False premise.  I don't hate anyone who hasn't earned it.

Well, that was constructive...

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