Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today's Liar for Jesus: Christian Post editors



Be sure to check back often to see if CP ever retracts or corrects that story.


  1. DVD,

    Just for the record, I believe much of what you do is very good--exposing false statements and inconsistencies.

    However, I'm not sure why you focus so much on the Christian Post. Why not The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times? They are full of similar logical fallacies.

    Or better yet, why not apply your same skeptical mind to atheism?

  2. Your first question is a great one (the second not so much).

    The two resources you've mentioned are far more reliable in terms of authoritative information, journalistic integrity and reduction of bias. These things can be objectively measured, and Christian Post ends up on the propaganda end of the scale.

    I don't apply the same skeptical mind to atheism because atheism makes no claims to examine. It's religious people that make claims; if they can't support them, I reject them.