Monday, March 18, 2013

Stripping God Down

In a Fox News blog post, Johnnie Moore makes the tired argument that atheists are religious, but he has strip away much of the definition of God in order to do it:

"Religion certainly includes an idea of a God under whom man is inherently subservient, but religion also governs the belief system undergirding the way people think about, and live, their lives.  It tells them who their authority is and it informs their values and behavior."

To illustrate his point, he says:

"First, they have a functioning God under whom they are subservient (normally it’s science or rationality, but mainly themselves), and that idea of God informs the way they live and interpret their lives. It informs their biases and determines their values, and governs any sense of morality or ethics they adhere too, or ignore."

Christians, is this really how you want to define God?  Anything to which you're subservient and thus compels you to make value choices?

By this definition, you employer is God.  Your employer has authority over you, and you have to make choices in line with making him or her happy.  You might want to stay up late watching TV, but being at work the next day requires you to do the ethical thing and go to bed instead.

No omnipotence.  No omnipresence.  No supernatural element.  No Scriptures...  THIS is how you define God?

Amazing how you have to water Him down to make this bogus argument about atheists.

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