Friday, March 15, 2013

Thoughts For Young Men is Banned

The conversations with Thoughts For Young Men, on this blog and on American Vision, have been very stimulating for me; they’ve been at times fun, at times challenging.  They’ve even compelled me to revise my views on some issues, and for that, I give him credit.

So it’s profoundly disappointing to see him take everything that he’s learned about my views and lie about it to pretty much anyone who will listen.  The comments on this blog and on American Vision contain lots of examples, and I try to point them out when I see them.  But this was the last straw for me:

Thoughts For Young Men had, ironically, brought up Hitler in a conversation about the supposed moral weaknesses of non-religious people.  I had stated categorically my belief that what Hitler did was morally wrong.  I further stated that I believe people who think Hitler’s actions are morally right are wrong as well.  And this is how he restated that for the readers of American Vision:

“Don’t get me started again about how you think that what Hitler did was okay”

That really is about the most blatant, offensive lie someone could tell about my view of morality.

Thoughts For Young Men apparently believes that American Vision is a safe place to slander me in such a way.  So he can just stay there.

No further comments from Thoughts For Young Men will be approved on this blog.

If you’re interested in more of what Thoughts For Young Men has to say, he has two websites; I don’t know what’s on them, since I’m not:

So long, Thoughts For Young Men; it’s been good to know ‘ya.


  1. hey dvd bach you should check out this post

  2. Okay, thanks. It's a response to an argument some guy made. What's your point?

  3. i was wondering what is the best way to counter these arguments better known as presupptionalism which are only seemed to be used by calvinist fundies

  4. Which arguments in particular? Again, he's responding to someone else rather than making claims of his own. If there are specific arguments he's making that you'd like my response to, please point out which ones.

  5. yes the part where he says "Human beings cannot be ultimately objective, because they are, at the very least, finite, and therefore, have limited knowledge and access to all variables involved in any given situation.Objectivity is impossible, except for an absolute, independent personal being, the God of the Bible."
    ok there is something really wrong with this argument...but i cant seem to put it into words very well

  6. I can see two issues with this argument:

    1) The existence of God hasn't been established. Until it is, we can't talk about what its characteristics are.

    2) So what if humans can't be ultimately objective? Why does that matter?

  7. I think that guy was talking about morality about how if there was no god there is no ultimate objective morality and we cant say hitler was bad and stuff

  8. If that's what he means, then he's welcome to try to defend that claim.