Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Patience Expired

Comment moderation is being activated for this blog.  All comments will now be reviewed before being posted.  Comments guilty of any of the following will be blocked:

1) Ad hominem attacks.  Personal insults directed at me will not be tolerated.

2) Threats, no matter how veiled.  No more "You're going to hell comments."  Even if you believe that I am, comments like that serve no useful purpose.  Same with "God will judge you" and similar things.

3) Repeating refuted claims.  I would call this the "Thoughts For Young Men Rule" if I wasn't still creeped out by the pedophile connotations of that name.  Even the most cursory examination of my recent exchanges with this person shows a pattern of making the same bogus claim over and over, and I'm sick of it.  It's a waste of time.

Make your claim and support it.  If I refute it, you're welcome to address my argument doing so.  But until you can overcome the objection, you don't get to keep claiming the same thing.

I want this blog to be an exchange of ideas.  But as soon as we're going round in circles, the conversation's over.

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