Thursday, January 10, 2013

Basic Math Fail at Christian Post

Nothing brings out the Liars for Jesus like the chance to take rights away from people.  And the prospect of those people being women gets the good folks at Christian Post so hot and bothered that they lose their grip on basic arithmetic.

A recent article at CP claims that Planned Parenthood gets $1622 from the government for every abortion that it performs.  Let's set aside the falsely-implied causal connection (that is, the implication that their funding depends on the number of abortions) and look at the numbers.

First, let's look just at the numbers CP gives (although it should be noted that it cites no source for them).  They claim that PP performed 995,687 abortions over a three-year period, including 333,964 in one year.  That means that the other two average 330,862 each.

CP then claims that PP gets $547 million dollars over a different two-year period; already, CP's being dishonest by comparing unequal time frames.  Dividing the $547 million by $1622, we get 337,238; this is a figure that appears nowhere in the article and is, in fact, even higher than what they claimed.

The article goes on to say that one abortion is performed every 94 seconds.  Dividing the number of seconds in a year by 94 gives 335,489, which is also higher than their initial claims.  Anyone with a calculator can confirm that CP's math is either in error or a lie.  Given the fact that the numbers are probably rectally-derived in the first place, a lie is the more likely conclusion.

Now let's look at the real numbers.  CP suggests that 92% of PP's services are abortions.  This is brazen bullshit; the real number is 3%.  How any self-respecting Christian can tolerate such whopping lies from CP is beyond me.

PP estimates that its contraception and education services have averted 277,000 abortions per year.  Dividing the funding figure into that number, we can see that the government gives PP $1975 for each abortion it prevents.

Christians should be celebrating what Planned Parenthood has accomplished with government funding!  So why aren't they?  Because they recognize that this is a false connection.  PP's government funding has nothing to do with the number of abortions it prevents.  Guess what?  It has nothing to do with the number performed either.

To all Christians who come to this realization:  Congratulations; you've just seen through the lies of Christian Post.  Now ask yourself why would ever go back to getting your information from such a bullshit source.

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