Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comments on the Comments: Jefferson Bible Edition

Over at Christian Post, the comments made by the site's supporters are often as telling as the stories themselves.  Below, I will respond to some of comments made on a recent story about the American Humanist Association's new version of the Jefferson Bible.  I would love to respond directly on CP, but they have in the past banned me for blasphemy.

John McNama: "It amazes me how the creation thinks it can improve on the Word given by the Creator of all things."

My response: Why?  It happens all the time.  I assume you have the same criticism of the Conservative Bible Project.

Islanderwaab: "Just imagine a law school been given an edited form of the U.S. Constitution."

My response: The Constitution has been edited 27 times; there's a process in place for that, unlike with religious texts.

Tripoli55: "When the created assumes the role of the Creator, beware."

My response:  The idea that creativity is a sin is news to me.  Better let everyone who's ever produced an illustrated version of the Bible know.

Bill Halverson: "Surely the Holy Spirit will fill in the parts that are removed. And if the Holy Spirit is denied, then the very rocks will cry out."

My response:  Since the Holy Spirit is also God, and God is all-powerful, how would any human being be capable of denying it.

Felshamboy: "So if I understand the humanists, they are making a determination what in the Bible is worthwhile and what isn't."

My response:  Of course; everyone does.  I've never met a single Christian who's sold everything he owned and given the money to the poor.  It's in there.

Russell: "by making up their own Bible they declare that their own thoughts and feelings are their ultimate authority, which is exactly the self-deification of which we accuse them."

My response:  Except that they aren't.  They taking the existing Bible and removing things from it.  So by that logic, everyone who has ever produced an abridged version of the Bible, or published individual sections of it, is guilty of self-worship.

Rfong: "The proof is in how many people actually use it for spiritual edification and growth."

My response:  Actually, proof would be evidence that any of the Bible's claims are true.  Christians have been very bad at producing such evidence.

Paladin: "yeah that would go right in the trash where it belongs"

My response: Couldn't have said it better!  Do that with the parts they removed as well!

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