Thursday, January 3, 2013

Crystal Dixon and the University of Toledo

Let's start with one of Christian Post's favorite techniques: the misleading headline:

Woman Fired From University over Gay Rights View Appeals Decision

As with many of their headlines, this is intended to provoke outrage.  Of course, who wouldn't be upset if a teacher were fired merely for expressing an unpopular opinion?

The catch is, that isn't what she is, or what she did.

As this article points out, the woman in question (Crystal Dixon) isn't a teacher; she was an administrator at the University of Toledo.  So this was not a case of an educator encouraging discussion. 

More importantly, she didn't express an opinion; she stated a falsehood as a fact.  As the Christian Post article points out, Dixon believes that homosexuality is a choice; this is a claim for which there is absolutely no supporting evidence.  So she didn't express an opinion; she made a factual claim, which in inaccurate.

I agree with her being fired.  All those employed by institutes of higher learning have a responsibility not to go around spreading falsehoods.  She's entitled to her own opinions; she's just not entitled to her own facts.



  1. Wrong sir! Like a person prone to any other sin, such as fornication, anger, lying, a person with gay feelings or tendencies can choose whether or not to actively engage in the sinful lifestyle.

    1. Um, not true. If a person is gay, then any lifestyle they choose to have is a homosexual lifestyle.

  2. It depends exactly what is meant by "homosexuality".
    To have homosexual tendencies could be genetic (as could anger, murder, etc.).
    To engage in homosexual acts is a choice (just like getting angry, murdering someone, etc.).

    DVD Bach, you have a really weird definition of homosexuality. By your definition, if a "gay" person only engages in sexual acts with a person of the opposite sex, then that is a "homosexual lifestyle". Really?

    Christianity doesn't condemn anyone for having homosexual tendencies. The condemnation is for committing sexual acts with a person of the same sex.

  3. Sure is. More of that great biblical morality we've been talking about.