Monday, January 7, 2013

Goofy proof of Islam

I've been playing around with the "destroys atheism" videos on YouTube, looking for interesting ones to address.  It's amazing how many take the form of such-and-such question destroys atheism.  It seems a bit dishonest to me to ask a question, not wait for an answer, and declare oneself having destroyed a belief.  But we would expect that from religious activists, wouldn't we?

Here's a goofy one I found:
Islam Destroys Atheism by Modern Scientific Facts.  I'll list the ridiculous points below:

1) The fact that iron is produced in stars is listed as evidence for Islam, and the video seems to single out iron as being special in this way.  All elements are produced in stars, not just iron.

2) It states that novas are caused by too much iron building up in stars, which is patently absurd.

3) It states that iron does not form on earth, which is bizarre.  Iron is one of many elements that formed the crust of the earth as it cooled and formed, so it's actually very common on earth.

4) It negates its own argument by admitting that the seventh-century writers of the Koran could not have known anything about stellar and planetary formation.  It follows logically that the Koran's writers didn't mean what the video's poster is interpreting the verse to mean.

5) It points out that if you manipulate the numbers associated with the verse so that they add up to 26, that happens to be the atomic number of iron.  As though that has anything to do with anything.

But most ridiculous of all is the central claim of the video: that because a known fact about science happens to correspond with a particular interpretation of one verse of the Koran, all of Islam is correct, and atheism is somehow "destroyed."  Wow.  The video's producer makes this claim even having admitted that the verse's writer couldn't have meant what he's suggesting it means.

Keep on destroying atheism, guys.  You're doing the anti-theists' job for them by making your own religion look foolish.

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